Urbirun Amsterdam - Highlights

Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands
Distance: 12 km (Map)

Urbirun Amsterdam - Highlights - Cya On The Road

Distance : 12.3km / 7.6mi (*9.5km/5.9 mi)Elevation : flatRotation : counterclockwiseParks/Pedestrian : 3.8km (ca 32%)Urban constraints : lowSuggested start : Prins Hendrikkade / Martelaarsgracht - as any urbirun route, you can start where ever you want. Watch for the route rotation direction.Public transportation : tram 1, 2, 5, 13, 17, Martelaarsgracht station / bus station CS Prins HendriksplantsoenExplore the Amsterdam canals, cross countless bridges, enjoy the charm of its streets and narrow houses, penetrate into the Begijnhof, appreciate the space of Museumsplein, resist the many cafes and bars, as well as the temptations of the red light district. You will be charmed by the Venice of the North ...*Alternative route : after Magere Brug (skinny bridge) you can choose between a long route (12.3km) and a short route (9.5km)NB : if you feel unsure, please check your position and the track on the map

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