Heathland of Blaricum walking tour

Blaricum, NH, Netherlands; Crailo, NH, Netherlands; Huizen, NH, Netherlands; Huizerhoogt, NH, Netherlands
Distance: 11 km
by Visit Gooi & Vecht

Heathland of Blaricum walking tour - Cya On The Road

Welcome to the heathlands! This 11 km walk takes you through rolling countryside with much heathlands, but also it has forests and a hidden gem, the fields of the Huizer Stretch.Starting point of the walking tour: Restaurant De Tafelberg, Oude Naarderweg 2 in Blaricum (sign post nr. 5 of tour )Parking places are available at De TafelbergThis walk is 11 km and takes you through rolling countryside with much heathlands and the sheepfold, but also it has forests and a hidden gem, the field of the Huizer Stretch. It will learn you about the big drama which occured in 2008. The Table Mountain is the highest point of the Gooi region and did you know the finest clay pit of Europe is located at the Table Mountain heathland? How to walk?At the heathlands you can find posts which mark the different walking tours. In this tour each audio piece corresponds with a numbered post, starting with post number 5.Attention! the numbers of the posts in this tour are not consecutive, so please make sure you follow the tour according to the map and numbers in this app. This audio tour is a product of iTRovator, in collaboration with the Regional Tourist Office Gooi and Vecht and Stichting Oneindig Noord-Holland. We thank the Goois Nature Reserve for its substantive contribution.For more information about the Gooi and Vecht region, please visit: www.vvvgooivecht.nl

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