Gooi landowners bicycle route

Laren, NH, Netherlands; Hollandsche Rading, UT, Netherlands; Hilversum, NH, Netherlands; 's-Graveland, NH, Netherlands; Naarden, NH, Netherlands; Naarden Vesting, NH, Netherlands; Huizen, NH, Netherlands; Blaricum, NH, Netherlands
Distance: 63 km (Map)

Gooi landowners bicycle route - Cya On The Road

The landowners of the Gooi area:Erfgooiers are the original farmers in the Gooi. In the early 15th century these farmers were given the right to common use of the pastures, meadows, forests and heaths. These rights were passed down from father to son. Only in the twentieth century, in the seventies, was the landowners’ organization, the Association of City and Lande Gooiland, abolished.This route (53, 37 or 26 km) tells the story of the Erfgooiers and gives an insight into other historical facts of the Gooi.The route is fully marked with hexagonal green/gray signs with the text 'Erfgooiersroute’.The total length or the route is 53 km, but it can also be shortened by only biking the northern part (37 km) of the route or the southern part (26 km). The points where you can choose for one of these shortened routes is indicated along the way on the hexagonal signposts with text 'Erfgooiersroute korte route’.Starting location: La Place restaurant, Westerheide 2, 1251 ET in LarenAlternative starting location: Tourist Interchange (TOP) Hilversum - Airport. Noodweg 49, 1213 PW in Hilversum.The audio tour is a product of iTRovator, in collaboration with the Regional Tourist Office Gooi & Vecht. With thanks to the City and Lande Foundation (Stad en Lande Stichting) for their substantial contribution.

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