KLM Houses: The Great Amsterdam Historic Pub Crawl

Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands
Distance: 3 km (Map)

Welcome to Amsterdam. My name is Mark Zegeling, the author of ‘Kingdom by the Sea’, and an avid collector of urban legends and tall tales.You’re about to embark on the Great Amsterdam Historic Pub Crawl. And today, I share with you the fascinating stories from my book, about a number of the oldest bars in town. I promiss you… even the bricks will reveal today a secret, which can only be discovered with your tongue… by licking the façade!Some of the monuments along this historic pub crawl are known the world over. Because these buildings served as an inspiration for the miniature collection of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The little Delft blue houses are a phenomenon in the world of travel, and in my book you get an exclusive peek behind their facades.During this historic pub crawl you will learn about the great people who once lived in a real KLM House. And of course, you will discover the treasures of beautiful Amsterdam, hidden around the corner.Your tour guide today will be Frank Johnson. He has lived all his life in Amsterdam and he will take you on an amazing journey through time. But be aware, Frank can be a bit elaborate, so stand still at the points of interest, have a drink and enjoy the stories of ‘Kingdom by the Sea’.Our historic pub crawl starts in a bar which opened its doors in the year 1519. So fasten your seatbelts, and prepare for landing at a Delft blue destination. Have fun!

KLM Houses: The Great Amsterdam Historic Pub Crawl - Cya On The Road


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