Land Art Noordoostpolder

Kraggenburg, FL, Netherlands; Marknesse, FL, Netherlands
Distance: 29 km (Map)

Land Art Noordoostpolder - Cya On The Road

Noordoostpolder, a unique area on the former seabed. Noordoostpolder with its rich history is a special part of the Province of Flevoland and lies on the former Zuiderzee seabed. The polder boasts attractive woods, fascinating agriculture as well as unique world heritage sites.This cycle route will take you through an area that wasn't here 100 years ago. This is the municipality of Noordoostpolder, which was drained and reclaimed from clay in September 1942. You will cycle across the dike, through woodland and along polder roads. This 29-kilometre route will take you past the landscape-art installation Land Art Pier + Horizon van Paul de Kort. The route features a number of cycling junctions, starting at Junction 03 (near Hotel Saaze in Kraggenburg). However, feel free to start at any of the other junctions (because you're going to cycle a circular route).03 14 (on your way to 34, take the cycle path towards PIER + HORIZON, cycle across the dike to the Kadoelerbrug (Kadoeler bridge)) 34 (on your way to 23 on the Repelweg turn left to Voorsterweg carry on towards Waterloopbos) 23 62 78 90 30 49 64 03See EL for a number of cycle routes that take you past Flevoland's land-art installations.These cycle routes can also be found on Fietsknoop, a free app that will definitely be useful as you progress on your route past the various junctions. You'll find this route under "Land Art Noordoosterpolder" on Fietsknoop.The tourist and information office for Noordoostpolder has other great cycle routes too. Did you know that the Schokland world heritage site is in the municipality of Noordoostpolder too? Schokland is a former island in the Zuiderzee that has become land-bound since the land here was reclaimed.

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