Land Art Flevoland Overall cycle route along the seven land-art installations

Lelystad, FL, Netherlands; Zeewolde, FL, Netherlands; Almere, FL, Netherlands
Est. 215.3km / 1 day

Land Art Flevoland Overall cycle route along the seven land-art installations - Cya On The Road

Land Art; Flevoland Landscape as a platform for artIn the past, Flevoland was just an expanse of water.  Today, it's the biggest polder in the world. Six metres under sea level (Amsterdam Ordnance Datum), this unique area is now known for its special history, beautiful new nature, inspiring art and architecture and vast stretches of water behind its dikes. The person responsible for all of this was the engineer Cornelis Lely. His plans for reclaiming land from the Zuiderzee have ensured that his name will never be forgotten. The biggest land reclamation project of all time was launched: the Zuiderzee project! Thousands of labourers started on the heavy manual work needed to reclaim the land and Flevoland was born.This new vast polder landscape was the ideal place for large-scale and monumental Land Art projects. What makes Flevoland so unique is the fact that none of its landscape was here 80 years ago (the North East polder) and most of it was designed by man. Hard human graft was needed to put plans into practice and the result is a relative abundance of space in an area that was reclaimed from the bottom of the Zuiderzee. International artists who had been invited to come along to Flevoland by engineers were inspired to create so-called 'Land Art' by the typical Flevoland ingredients they found there. They 'played' with the proportions of the landscape and the context in which the short history of Flevoland had developed.Viewed from above, these landscape artworks look just like paintings, embedded in the landscape, knitted together from fresh green fields of colour. This cycle route will take you past these seven 'paintings', all of which you can visit in just one day. You can see and experience Land Art from close up: go ahead and walk right through it! This tour will take you alongside the Land Art that Flevoland has to offer. Besides texts, you will also see that there are a number of short films for you to watch, if you would like a little bit more information. Some people will be pleased to know that the app keeps you up-to-date about various tourist attractions while you're on your way too.Before you start your tour, we would like to remind you how important it is to focus on the traffic around you at all times. If you notice that the tour is distracting you too much, turn it down or switch it off altogether. Your safety and the safety of your fellow road users must always come first. Have a good trip!More informationOverall cycle route along the seven land-art installations From Lelystad, to the province of Noordoostpolder, Zeewolde, Almere and then back to Lelystad. This 227-kilometre features a number of cycling junctions, starting at Junction 33 (near BatviaStad Lelystad). However, feel free to start at any of the other junctions (because you're going to cycle a circular route).33 34 Exposure (Make sure you cycle from Junction 34 towards Junction 12, where you will see the Exposure land-art installation, and then return to Junction 34 to rejoin your route) 40 96 78 11 68 39 85 47 61 21 87 20 70 81 95 64 03 14 (PIER + HORIZON, cycle across the dike to the Kadoelerbrug (Kadoeler bridge)) 34 14 38 05 54 22 85 47 75 37 98 52 10 68 11 79 81 82 83 74 80 (Observatorium) 49 21 22 87 86 85 73 79 45 47 (Aardzee) 10 11 12 13 14 18 22 21 20 (Sealevel) 42 41 77 74 73 72 70 71 35 34 93 (Groene Kathedraal) 90 91 88 85 84 83 76 75 35 34 04 05 (Polderland) 06 07 08 54 55 56 66 67 24 25 30 32 33 See EL for a number of cycle routes that take you past Flevoland's land-art installations.These cycle routes can also be found on Fietsknoop, a free app that will definitely be useful as you progress on your route past the various junctions. You'll find this route under "Land Art Flevoland langs 7 landschapskunstwerken" on Fietsknoop.

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