Land Art Flevoland Zeewolde Cycle Route

Zeewolde, FL, Netherlands; Lelystad, FL, Netherlands
Est. 39.3km / 2 hrs / Map

Land Art Flevoland Zeewolde Cycle Route - Cya On The Road

A route through Flevoland's youngest municipality. Zeewolde is surrounded by three different types of landscape. Its name was inspired by the primeval forest that grew here many centuries ago and was later engulfed by the sea. Water was still lapping at the shore here less than 50 years ago. At the end of the 1970s, Zeewolde was newly reclaimed pastureland and the domain of pioneering farmers. A village was built between the water, fields and woodland in a very short period of time and a community soon developed.This 42-kilometre route will take you past the Sea Level and Aardzee landscape-art installations. The route features a number of cycling junctions, starting at Junction 21 (near Pannenkoekenhuis Zeewolde. However, feel free to start at any of the other junctions (because you're going to cycle a circular route).21 20 (Sea Level) 42 44 45 20 21 22 18 14 13 12 11 46 47 (Aardzee) 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 19 21See EL for a number of cycle routes that take you past Flevoland's land-art installations.These cycle routes can also be found on Fietsknoop, a free app that will definitely be useful as you progress on your route past the various junctions. You'll find this route under "Land Art Zeewolde" on Fietsknoop.The tourist and information office for Zeewolde has other great cycle routes too. Did you know alongside the vast Veluwe border lakes, the seemingly endless coastline or the biggest freshwater ‘inland beach’ that the Netherlands has to offer.

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