Berlin - a fascinating walking tour with Tim Richards

Berlin, BE, Germany
Est. 4.4km / 2 hrs / Map

This walking tour of Berlin with guide Torben Brown of Original Berlin Walks is probably the most complete and most interesting city tour I've ever taken. We covered all the main places from Berlin's early history and through the growth of Prussia under Frederick the Great - and on through the Nazi period -and then the Cold War when Berlin became a global focus. It's all in here from the Brandenburg Gate to the Reichstag, Hitler's bunker, the Holocuast Memorial, the great museums and ending at Checkpoint Charlie and the Wall Museum. In real time the tour took a little less than four hours. I enjoyed the original - I hope you enjoy the recorded version.

Berlin - a fascinating walking tour with Tim Richards - Cya On The Road

Photo Berlin reichstag CP by Cezary Piwowarski is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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