Bremen: City Tour Guide

Bremen, HB, Germany
Est. 3.1km / 1 hr / Map

You have decided to visit the beautiful city of North Germany - Bremen: a great choice! In addition to relaxing, browsing and shopping, Bremen also invites you to discover its numerous historic attractions. This city tour will help you find and explore interesting and historic sites in Bremen’s Old Town. The tour will show you numerous buildings, squares/plazas and monuments so you can reflect on the city’s past, rich with traditions, centuries of free citizenship and worldwide trade connections.Today, Bremen is a globally developed city with a unique combination of young and old, natives and tourists, which define the city’s appearance on a daily basis and enjoy the traditional, as well as the modern ambience of this commercial city. Bremen is still a very important commercial trade city, featuring an asset- and commodity exchange, a large service sector and production industries such as, ship and auto manufacturers.Our tour starts at the main train station, but you are welcome to join the city tour of Bremen’s Old Town from any other location as well.From the main train station square, please proceed down “Herdentorsteinweg” toward downtown. Walk across the embankments, which have protected the classic circular village of Bremen from the beginning of the 8th century. Today, the embankments are popular green spaces and/or parks on the outskirts of Bremen’s Old Town.Walk across the Wallgraben (burrow) and take the Straße Am Wall until you reach the first attraction at the beginning of Sögestraße.

Bremen: City Tour Guide - Cya On The Road

Photo RathausDomBuergerschaft-01 by Jürgen Howaldt is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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