Hamburg HafenCity

Hamburg, HH, Germany
Est. 6.8km / 2 hrs 16 mins / Map

Hamburg HafenCity - Cya On The Road

HafenCity or quite simply, (HarbourCity) – the largest city-centre development in Europe.The harbour nearby the old town and Europe’s third largest harbour are about to receive a makeover. A new treasure for Hamburg is developing right in front of the integrated setting of the warehouse district protected as an historic monument and alongside the Elbe panorama. Allow yourself to be impressed during your walk by an extraordinary city development concept, directly alongside historical buildings. Breathe in the maritime flare, learn something about Hamburg’s history and don't miss the opportunity to take a peak behind the stage.The starting-point of the tour is at the subway station “Überseequartier”. You can reach the “Überseequartier” with the subway line U4, direction “HafenCity Universität”. At that point, please exit the station in the direction of traffic and follow the signs “New-Orleans-Straße, Osakaallee”.

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