Oktoberfest 2016 in Munich

Munich, BY, Germany; Pullach im Isartal, BY, Germany; Andechs, BY, Germany
Est. 64.3km / 1 hr 43 mins / Map

Text by Silvia Busse.Welcome to the Oktoberfest 2016 in Munich, the folk and beer festival capital of the world! You will learn all about: • the Oktoberfest event location “Theresienwiese” or short “Wiesn” with its 14 large beer tents• the After-Wiesn-Parties, the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum, and the Hofbräuhaus• traditional beer halls and gardens in Munich and the vicinity • beautiful places of interest in Bavaria, such as lake Ammersee in the foothills of the Alps. This city guide takes you to some of the best places where you can mingle with the locals and have a great time drinking all kinds of beer, eating delicious local foods, and experiencing authentic Bavarian culture. Everywhere you’ll hear the Bavarian drinking phrase: “oans, zwoa, g’suffa”, which means as much as “one, two, guzzled”. Enjoy the Oktoberfest - have a wonderful time in Munich and its breathtaking surroundings!

Oktoberfest 2016 in Munich - Cya On The Road

Photo Oktoberfest by Dilankf is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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