Munich, BY, Germany
Est. 3.2km / 1 hr 4 mins / Map

AudioTravel … discover the city, your way. Choose a comfortable location to listen to this and the following track anytime before you begin your audio tour.Welcome to Munich. This AudioTravel tour will help you discover this extraordinary city at your own pace. Along the way, enjoy everything this great city has to offer: relax in cafes, browse through shops, and explore the sights most interesting to you for as long as you like.Like any big city, Munich is constantly changing. This means that along the way, you may encounter attractions which are being renovated, streets that are under construction, or events that make certain areas inaccessible. Munich is a very safe city, but please use common sense and remain aware of your surroundings. And now, as the locals say, Viel spass! Have fun and enjoy your discovery of Munich.

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