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Nuremberg, BY, Germany
Est. 3.2km / 1 hr / Map

Hello and welcome to the most typical German city - Nuremberg. During its more than a thousand-year-old history, Nuremberg has always been the center of attention. Today we are pleased to introduce to you the city center, surrounded by the red city wall. Our walk begins from the street Königstraße at the tower Frauentorturm. Our walk takes about 1.5 hours. Our city is famous for its architecture: two magnificent cathedrals, Imperial fortress, a lot of fachwerk (half-timbered) houses. Also Nuremberg is famous for its subway (two of the three lines have trains without drivers), the museum of railway transport, the world's largest annual toy fair, fairy-tale Christmas market, as well as the world's most delicious gingerbreads, sausages and genuine Bavarian beer. It is the city where is the German National Museum, which presents the most valuable works of German artists, including Albrecht Dürer. By the way, the master was born in Nuremberg! The population of the city is 500,000 people, so, after Munich, Nuremberg is the second largest city in Bavaria. Bavaria – is the largest and richest region of Germany. Historically Bavaria is divided into three regions: Swabia, Old Bavaria and Franconia. Nuremberg – is the capital of the region Franconia, the region where is located a fertile valley called Knoblauchsland, where are grown various fruits and vegetables. As for the cuisine – no one will remain hungry in Bavaria! Here you will find a variety of restaurants of national and international cuisine. So, enough of words, it is time to start!

Tour through Nuremberg - Cya On The Road


Photo Nuremberg Final-34 by Rodney Ee is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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