Tour through Cologne

Cologne, NW, Germany
Est. 3.4km / 1 hr 30 mins / Map

Hello!Welcome to Cologne. Our guide will help you to get acquainted with this fourth most populous and third largest city in Germany.An easy and carefree atmosphere, people are so eager to plunge at least occasionally, attracts many tourists from around the world. It is rightly considered one of the most romantic cities in Germany.Beer lovers - people from different ethnic groups, come here in order to enjoy a unique Kölsch beer, which can be tasted only here.Today, Cologne is the city of more than one million people. It is the center of the metropolitan region, which includes a dozen other satellite cities, almost merged with it together. It has already become one of the largest industrial and scientific centers not in Germany alone, but also in the whole Europe.At the same time, Cologne proudly bears the title of a major city of culture and art. In the Old Town, there are numerous art galleries, museums and concert halls, located in the new, spacious and bright buildings.Welcome to Cologne!

Tour through Cologne - Cya On The Road


Photo Cologne Cathedral by Tobias Franz is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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