E-cul-tour - Germany

Peenemünde, MV, Germany; Stralsund, MV, Germany; Binz, MV, Germany; Berlin, BE, Germany
Distance: 301 km (Map)

As part of the evaluation of the Innovation in Managing Cultural Attraction classes of Masters in Tourism Management and Planning in University of Aveiro, this tour was developed to support a presentation of the student´s experiences during the Blended Mobility of the E-cul-tours.

E-cul-tour - Germany - Cya On The Road


This tour takes place in Peenemünde, Stralsund and Berlin. Peenemünde and Stralsund are located in  Mecklenburg-Vorpommern , north Germany on the Baltic Sea. Peenemünde used to be a fishing village for many years, but is known for the Peenemünde Army Research Center, where the world's first rocket, the V-2, was developed. This place was crucial to the course of WWII and impacted the future of weapons of mass destruction, as well as space travel.

The Hanseatic and UNESCO World Heritage city of Stralsund is a town by the sea, made from brick, with a lot of museums and close to the nature. The historic centre of Stralsund has remained almost unchanged over the centuries and composes an amazing landscape. Stralsund is a seaside resort and a tourism place in the Baltic Sea region, its main square is surrounded by houses from different periods, including the Gothic Wulflamhaus and the Baroque Commandantenhus. A short walk through the central area can provide you a lot of touristic attractions, such as the old town houses, the churches, the port, etc.

The cosmopolitan city of Berlin has something magical in every corner, there is a different version of itself for all interests. Numerous events take place every day in the city, a lot of history is all over the places, from culture to exhibitions and street festivals.





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