Antwerp, VLG, Belgium
Distance: 3 km (Map)

Antwerp - Cya On The Road

Welcome to Antwerp! It is fairly clear how Antwerp came into being, but there are various explanations regarding the origin of its name.Antwerp owes its existence to the River Scheldt. The first inhabitants settled on an ‘Aenwerp’, which means a projection of land into the river. It is very likely that the name of the city originates from this. But there is another story about the origin of the name ‘Antwerp’.In the 8th century, this place was called Andouerpis. The Germanic ‘Ada’ means opposite and ‘werpum’ represents formed land. Here, the River Scheldt forms a huge curve, the convex bank (left bank) of which consisted of land accretion. On the hollow shore opposite lay Antwerp. This tour lasts one hour and will guide you around not only the main tourist attractions, but also lesser-known sights. You will walk from the Steenplein (stone square) via the Cathedral of Our Lady, through the Sint Andries quarter and back again to the River Scheldt.Enjoy!

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