St. Paul's Church

Antwerp, VLG, Belgium
Est. --- / 22 mins / Map

At a stone's throw of the Schelde, you can find this "Baroque jewel in a Gothic shrine". The former monastery church of the Dominicans is a feast for the eye: the splendid baroque altars, the sublime furniture, the important organ, over 200 sculptures and more than 50 paintings, including a suite of 15 works of Jordaens, Rubens, Teniers, Van Balen, Van Dyck ... They give the church its unique appearance.

St. Paul's Church - Cya On The Road


From January 9 to February 17, 2023, the church will be closed to tourism. The church council made this decision because of the high energy costs. On February 18 (at the start of the crocus holidays), the doors will open again for tourism..


Entrance ticket for tourist visit5 euros for a standard ticket3 euros per person for groups from 15 peopleFree for young people up to 18 years old, people accompanying wheelchair users, ICOM and Antwerp City Card (ACC)




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