CCW Circuit Dinant

Dinant, WAL, Belgium
Est. 2.7km / 54 mins / Map

Welcome to Dinant and welcome to this audiotour of Maison du Tourisme Dinant.This walk will take one hour and will show you the most characteristic sights of Dinant, but we won’t stop there: We will also show you some nice places that you might not have heard of.

CCW Circuit Dinant - Cya On The Road

Your visit starts at the Collègiale Notre-Dame where you will start your adventure to the Rue Sax and the house of Mr. Sax after which you will go to the town hall and through the little street of the Trois Escabelles you’ll come to the Place Saint-Nicolas.Walk until you’ve reached the Impasse du Couret to return to the centre through the Square Lion, the palace of justice. Meanwhile you can walk past the Maison of the Pataphonie in order to return to the Charles de Gaulle Bridge.

Have fun!

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