Porto, Portugal
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The city of Porto is known as the Cidade Invicta (Never Conquered City) and as the Northern Capital.It is a city known worldwide for its wine, bridges, ancient architecture, beautiful historical centre, and also the quality of its restaurants and cuisine.The city of Porto originated from a pre-Roman settlement. In Roman times, the city was designated Cale and Porto Cale.In winter, the temperature varies between 5° and 14°C. Rainy periods alternate with cold weather and clear skies. In summer, they vary between 15° and 25°C and can reach or exceed 35°C in July and August.As highlights we have, for example, the Clérigos Tower, the Cathedral, the Serralves Foundation, the Historical Centre, the highly touristic area of Foz (the mouth of the river), which is considered the most beautiful area of the city, etc. Among the many museums in the city is the Casa do Infante, dating from the thirteenth century, the Tram Museum, the Port Wine Museum, the Military Museum of Porto, and the Cheese Castle (Castelo do Queijo), famous for its viewpoint and temporary exhibitions.We should also mention the House of Music (Casa da Música), which was built to host events during the European Capital of Culture 2001 and the Bolhão Market, an architectural symbol of traditional trade.However, the biggest event in town is the São João do Porto, celebrated from the 23rd to the 24th of June, at which time thousands of people invade the city streets in honour of Saint John. It is a time for grilled sardines, basil plants, flags, popular verses, leeks, plastic hammers and bailaricos (dancing).The typical dish of the city is Tripe cooked in the Porto fashion (Tripas à moda do Porto), a historical dish dating back to the time of the Portuguese discoveries. Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá is another typical dish, made with salted cod, and also the Francesinha (literally ‘the little French girl’) - a stuffed sandwich with various meats (beef, a thin spicy sausage called linguiça, fresh sausage and ham) and covered with cheese and a special sauce.The drink that bears the city's name is Port wine, produced in the Alto Douro, the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. Port wine is widely exported internationally.In 2012 and 2014, the city of Porto was voted the "Best European Destination".In 2013, it was elected the "Best holiday destination in Europe."In 2014, the magazine ‘Business Destinations’ identified the Porto Customs Building (Alfândega do Porto) as the best place in Europe for "meetings and conferences".This city welcomes more than a million tourists a year having become one of the most visited cities in Europe.

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