Urbirun Porto - Highlights

Porto, Portugal; Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Est. 9.4km / 57 mins / Map

Distance: 9.3km/5.8mi (*7.75km/4.8mi using the lower bridge or 11.5km/7.15mi with a longer run in on the south bank)Elevation: high (hilly)Direction: depending of your starting point : Attention, it's an 8 shape tour. Northwest circle counterclockwise - eastern circle clockwise - southwest circle counterclockwiseParks, pedestrian: 1.5km (ca 16%)Urban constraints: lowSuggested start: Avenida Aliados, southbound on the right side / as any urbirun tour, you can start where ever you want. Pay attention to the tour rotation direction, depending on your starting point.

Urbirun Porto - Highlights - Cya On The Road

Public transportation: Avenida Aliados Underground station.

Hung on the steep banks of the Douro, you have to deserve Porto, demanding for the runner, with its cobbled, narrow streets. These difficulties have the advantage of offering superb views. Just go, you will not regret it.*Alternative routes: 7.75km/4.8mi, if you use the lower bridge to get to the north bank or 11.5km/7.15mi, with a longer run on the south-east part of the tour, along the river.

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