Porto City Quest

Porto, Portugal
Distance: 4 km (Map)

Ola estudantes,

Porto City Quest - Cya On The Road

You are about to start our app tour, either as individual or with a group! Before this tour starts, we’re going to explain you how this works. In this app you’ll find 13 (yes 1 is hidden!) different hotspots to visit. When you’re close to that hotspot, as you enter that zone, a story will automatically be told (or you can read it on your phone). After the story you will get assignments and challenges. See it as a game, the best group wins!

One more thing. In some assignments we ask you to take a picture of something or someone. This picture you can either send to our tmgoesporto@gmail.com or post it on Instagram. When posting or sending this picture, do the following:- Create an Instagram account (or use your own if you’d like)- Create a group name- Use your group name as hashtag with your photo- Use #tmgoesporto as a hashtag with your photoPs. When sending it to the gmail, wait till after you’re done with the tour so you can send the pictures all in one email.

Post fun/good/beautiful pictures, and you’ll increase your chance of winning the photo competition. Easy right?

Good luck and have fun!- Team Porto

Any questions? Contact us through email, send us an app, or give us a call (you can find our phone number in the information booklet)

Get full experience in the app

Follow the steps to access all 12 places on the itinerary, plus features like audio guides, navigation, hotels nearby and more.

1. Tap this direct link - Porto City Quest on your phone and begin your explorations whenever you are ready!
2. Or, get the Cya On The Road app from the app store iconApp Store or google play iconGoogle Play and search manually in the app.

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