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Lisbon, Portugal
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Art offers the ability to investigate the present and make meaning from it, through which it shows a pathway to a fuller understanding of multiple developments within our society and cultures. This exhibition in showcasing the 160 works of Ismaili visual artists from all over the world—48 countries, attempts to offer an understanding of the formation of subjectivity and the concept of temporality in the world now. These artists help us to understand the here and now and how we see and perceive the world and our being in time.

International Art Gallery - Cya On The Road

These artists draw inspiration from their own cultural traditions, using techniques and incorporating imagery and ideas from earlier periods, their faith, the prospective future and the times that they live in. Free in spirit and without any constraints of functionality, there is no reinvention of art happening here rather these artists are repurposing their art to make it a vehicle for personal expression.

Traditionally, history and past events have been put in writing or passed on orally to preserve their memory within the present. However, this mode of representation is inherently linear and static; contributing to a flattening of history. A visual exploration and mode of interpretation enables the unflattening of this very history! In such an exposition memory plays a critical role in affirming collective identity and place as the site —International Art Gallery—also becomes crucial in anchoring such an experience.

In the belief that the function, strength and ultimate success and relevance of the exhibition should not be limited to an exploration of past rather, it should be seen as way forward to build creative links between our heritage, global community, our identity and imagination: thus, linking the past, the present and the future.

Zainub Verjee

Director International Art Gallery

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