Coimbra, Portugal
Est. 5.6km / 2 hrs 17 mins / Map
by DWR

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Coimbra offers beautiful landscapes and is a city full of life, with attractions and activities for everyone. It fascinates even who visits it on an uninterested stroll, but there are more treasures for those who know a little about its history. This is the purpose of this guide, to enrich your visit with some tips, curiosities and the memories of a city that has seduced so many.

The main attractions are covered and numbered here, but I suggest you don't deprive yourself of discovering and exploring the city at your own pace, this is a place to be savored at your leisure.

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Here are some additional tips for planning your trip:

- The best time to visit Coimbra is during spring or autumn, when the weather is mild;- Don't forget to try the local food, such as the Crúzios de Santa Cruz (an egg tart with almonds) and the bifana (a sandwich with thin slices of pork prepared in wine and garlic);- Don't miss the University of Coimbra, which is one of the oldest universities in the world.

I hope you enjoy your stay in Coimbra! 


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