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Portalegre, Portugal
Distance: 4 km (Map)

Starting point to enjoy the best that the city of Portalegre has to offer.

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Portalegre is a beautiful Alentejo city, county and district seat, located in a transition between the dry Alentejo plain and the mountainous area of the Beiras region, in a natural area of great beauty and grace. Portalegre is located in the Serra de São Mamede, very close to the beautiful Natural Park that protects and preserves it, with a rich and varied fauna and flora, and is also located very close to the Spanish border, which gave the city a strategic importance in the defence of the Kingdom, particularly in the Middle Ages.

The historical centre of the city is a pleasant development of narrow streets, villages of local commerce, historical facades and small moments that seem to have stopped in time. Several monuments denote the importance and richness of other times, starting with its Castle, and passing by so many others, such as the Cathedral or the churches of St. Lourenço, Misericórdia, St. Cristóvão, Bonfim, St. Tiago, the Espírito Santo, among many others that mark the religious fervor of the region, and many of the convents and palaces are now adapted to other services and tasks, such as the Convent of St. Agostinho, where today is installed the headquarters of GNR, maintaining its historical importance and heritage. Equally interesting is the House-Museum of the Portuguese poet José Régio, and the many secular fountains present in the region, which even with the introduction of piped water in the middle of the 20th century, have been preserved to this day.

Portalegre has, for about 60 years, in its tapestry an immense fame, promoting several works of known painters, using a totally manual technique Decorative Wall Tapestry, as it is visible in the interesting Guy Fino Museum.

Portalegre was once known as the "city of the seven convents", so that in the region there are many delicious and famous convent recipes, highlighting all the sweets of the Santa Clara convent.

Portalegre, a healthy, safe territory, made of space and wandering.

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