Literary Screenplay of Raia-Run Tour José Régio

Portalegre, Portugal
Est. 9.6km / 58 mins / Map

Literary Screenplay of Raia-Run Tour José Régio - Cya On The Road

This route takes us through the surroundings of Portalegre, along its highest points to the northeast, sometimes with panoramic views to the city, from where we can identify some of its most emblematic buildings, sometimes by old walled holm oaks and narrow pavements, among countless properties and small localities.A very green trail, with countless nuclei of black oak, chestnut, cork oak and pine trees, which shelter other riches of flora and fauna. The abundance of mosses and lichens lining walls and tree trunks indicates the freshness of the site, but also the quality of the air. In its more eastern section we gain views of the Serra de São Mamede. Near the end we go down the Weather Bulletin Road and pass by the Portalegre Weather Station building. Just below, a former military structure called Atalaião appears. Back to Estrada da Serra, we can still rest and enjoy more panoramic views over the city, either from Fonte dos Amores or from the viewpoint located a few hundred metres further on. The Serra de São Mamede was one of the places where José Régio used to go for great walks. José Régio was a lover of the outskirts of Portalegre. In his first article in the newspaper A Rabeca on 20-12-1941, he states that few towns will have such admirable landscapes around them.This route will take him to these admirable places where Régio used to walk.

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