Crested Houses Tour

Portalegre, Portugal
Distance: 639 metres
by Câmara Municipal de Portalegre

Crested Houses Tour - Cya On The Road

The tour presented here includes a set of 10 Emblazoned Houses located in the old town, in which the visitor can appreciate the beautiful facades and the respective coats of arms belonging to noble families who settled in the region.The urban center of Portalegre developed mainly from the 16th century, when the old town was elevated to the seat of Bishopric (1549) and to the category of city (1550). In the following centuries (XVII and XVIII), with the development of the textile industry, several noble and bourgeois families settled here, a fact that will contribute to the existence in the city and surroundings of one of the best sets of emblazoned houses in the country.

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