Ai Weiwei - Rapture

Lisbon, Portugal
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The biggest exhibition ever by Ai Weiwei in Europe, with 4000m2 that brings together in the same space, for the first time, his most iconic works.

Ai Weiwei - Rapture - Cya On The Road

The word rapture has several meanings. In English, it is the transcendent moment that links the earthly dimension and the spiritual dimension. At the same time, it is kidnapping, the kidnapping of our rights and freedom. Rapture can also be sensory enthusiasm for ecstasy. Ai Weiwei - Rapture brings these ideas together in the form of an exhibition that presents the two creative dimensions of an iconic artist of our times: the fantasy side, where this research of the imaginary is explored; while the other focuses on the reality and the emergence of issues that overflow in our lives with the worsening of human conditions, for political, social or environmental reasons. Ai Weiwei offers us a vision that is attentive to essential issues that afflict all peoples, such as where we came from and what we are doing here.

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