Finnish Aviation Museum

Vantaa, ES, Finland
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Finnish Aviation Museum - Cya On The Road

The Finnish Aviation Museum is the National Special Museum of aviation history in Finland located in the close vicinity of the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. It presents the history of both military and civil aviation. A group of volunteers and aviation enthusiasts founded the Aviation Museum Society in 1969. The goal of the Society was to establish a museum in Finland to preserve and present the history of Finnish aviation. The Society opened its first exhibition at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport in 1972, and the Finnish Aviation Museum opened in its current location in 1981. Currently the museum is owned by the Finnish Aviation Museum Foundation founded in 1996, and it receives annual funding from the State of Finland as a professionally run museum.The main exhibition consists of two airplane hangars. The first hangar presents military aviation, and the second one civilian aircraft. The museum visitors are reminded not to touch the exhibits on display. Please note that eating and drinking are not permitted inside the exhibition premises. Photography for private use is allowed. The exhibition halls are unheated, so we recommend our visitors to wear warm clothing in the wintertime.

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