Mohko, the former ironworks

Ilomantsi, IS, Finland
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Mohko, the former ironworks - Cya On The Road

There are places, having known about which, you will certainly think – I would rather go there someday. Sometimes you fulfill your promise, sometimes – just forget about it! Your visit to Mohko village you will not postpone for a long time for sure. Not because it is close (two hours of good road north from Vartsila border crossing point); and not because living in the village and visiting the sightseeing attraction will be reasonably cheap for you…Mohko – in the full sense of the word – is a historical place. An ironworks that worked for fifty years was built in this little out-of-the-way place in the 1850-s. Infrastructure of the old plant, channels and sluices, working furnace for cast iron melting are remained. Visit administrative buildings of the former plant and the workshops where expositions of Mohko Museum are situated today, three of them are permanent. And for lunch, to refresh yourself, enter a local café in the old barge that formerly transported the products of the ironworks.The museum, guest houses and café are open all year around. However you would like to get really unforgettable impressions you should plan your vacation on the second Sunday of July. Every year Mohko administration organizes special events devote to the legendary past of the village, including demonstrative melting of cast-iron, holiday concert and folk festival.If you would like to have your best vacation – spend it in the Finnish village of Mohko!

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