Christmas tour (comes with a special gift)

Rovaniemi, LL, Finland
Distance: 992 metres (Map)

Christmas tour (comes with a special gift) - Cya On The Road

Congratulations! And I am not only referring to the upcoming holidays, even though they are, of course, hard to forget. I congratulate you also on the fact that you have practically received your special gift that you would not otherwise receive under any humanly possible circumstances – we took special care to make sure that this is the case... So do come to collect your gift! It awaits you  at the very heart of  mankind’s main fairy tale, at the crossing of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, in the magic land of snow vistas and the cosmic Arctic lights... Or, formally speaking, in Lapland! I am already prepared to take you on a guided tour of Santa Claus Village and hand that gift over to you – but are YOU ready? If you are, then lose no time  getting to the starting location of our tour!Created by Photo Levi Center by Levinmatkailu is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0  #openarctic

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