Ox Road Biking Häme

Tammela, ES, Finland; Loppi, ES, Finland; Hameenlinna, ES, Finland
Distance: 84 km
by Visit Häme

Ox Road Biking Häme - Cya On The Road

Historical Ox Road and surroundings, 120 kmDay 1 (45 km)Letku - Liesjärvi - Eerikkilä - PorrasTrail starts from the Letku village shop. The routefollows mainly the historical Middle Ages traderoute Ox Road. Next Häme Nature Centre with itsnature trails and coffee shop. In Liesjärvi naturepark optional hiking and visit at the Korteniemiheritage farm. Later Eerikkilä Sports Institutedinner and overnight. Or alternatively in thePorras village at the old Porras Tannery.Day 2 (52 km)Porras - Räyskälä - RenkoThe journey continues in an idyllic rural landscapethrough villages like Räyskälä. There optionalhiking around lake Melkutin. In the villages, likeVojakkala, are organized unique Finnish summer night events “lavatanssit”, in EnglishFinnish pavilion dances. In the late night overnight at Inkala manor.Day 3 (23 km)Tiirinkoski - HämeenlinnaTrail continues to Hämeenlinna following a quiet road. Forests on both sides of the roadand the occasional farms create a lovely setting. Later Tiirinkoski coffee shop. The trailends at the gates of Häme Castle. It is recommended to continue to the beautifulAulanko nature reserve and have lunch at the Aulanko hotel. Trail ends at railway station.Good to know: The partly lit road is marked with large brown signs of Ox Road. Trail ispossible to start already from west coast, Turku. Tire repair kit, bicycle pump and reflectiveclothing are recommended. Trail does not have a separate pavement for pedestrians andcyclists. The route is easy to orient with the help of DigiTrail application (suitable forAnrdoid mobile devices).Availability: May – September is the best bicycle season in Häme region. There are someservices along the route, but outside the high season they are rarely available, or open only to order.Duration: 3 days/2 nightsGuide language : EnglishContact information : Visit Häme, ,

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