Hägersten, AB, Sweden
Distance: 2 km
by Konstfack Textil

Passing - Cya On The Road

The exhibition 'Passing' takes place in the neighbourhood of Telefonplan, Stockholm. Eight different art works will be presented indoors as well as outdoors during the sixth of November, 2014 between 10.00-16.00. The separate art works can be located in the map which goes with the audio walk.Each art work touches upon the individual master project and is presented separately in the audio guide/location found in the map. Passing is a part of the course 'Making History' and is created and curated by the eight students of Master 2, Textile in the expanded field, Konstfack - Mi Tijo, Linnea Blomgren, Emilie Steele, Sofie Rykowski, Maria Westmar, Khelan Butan, Chamaikarn Chartsiri and SaraLo Serra.Above you can find an audio journey of personal reflections on the artworks. A walk of memory. Listen and start walking.Separate audio presentations can be found at each tour spot. We would like to thank 'Osynliga Teatern', Stefan Lindberg, Bella Rune and Katarina Sjögren!

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