Eva-Lisa's room

Stockholm, AB, Sweden
Est. 3.0km / 1 hr / Map

Eva-Lisa's room - Cya On The Road

Welcome to a city walk that follows the footsteps of lesbian activist and trans pioneer Eva-Lisa Bengtson (1932-2018). We move from the 1960ies first club for trans people at Östgötagatan, through political actions with Lesbisk front and the founding of Kvinnohuset – the Womens building, to the community in Golden ladies and Jerry’s ladies’ club. From a personal portrait an image of Stockholms lgbtqia+ history is drawn, a vitally important community and a political as well as personal struggle. The walk is accessible for wheelchairs/strollers.The walk is free of charge, but if you have the possibility – please consider donating a symbolic sum to RFSL Newcomers Stockholm who support lgbtqia+ asylum seekers.The Swish number is: 123-007 00 60 Write: “Eva-Lisa” in the message box. More information about Eva-Lisas Monument:

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