Tour trough Vienna

Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Distance: 3 km
by Travel Communications

Welcome to Vienna - the capital of luxury and taste. Our tour will help you get acquainted with one of the most charming cities in Europe, striking in its grandeur, charm and warmth. This is a city of magnificent palaces, majestic squares, and picturesque streets.Once there lived the Roman legions and hordes of barbarians, followed by knights with varying degrees of courtesy. Once upon a time, Mongol hordes were stopped near Vienna, and bloodthirsty Ottoman Turks, who horrified the whole of Europe at that time, were defeated there.Today, Vienna is a city of the waltz, arts, galleries, museums and beautiful park ensembles.The Austrian capital attracts travelers with its amazing atmosphere, which is particularly well pronounced in the cozy coffee houses with Viennese coffee, opera, where you can hear the music of Mozart and Strauss in the imperial palaces and beautiful parks.

Tour trough Vienna - Cya On The Road


Photo Vienna Christmas by Roderick Eime is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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