Beethoven Walk

Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Est. 31.3km / 4 hrs / Map

Beethoven Walk - Cya On The Road

Do you want to stroll in Ludwig van Beethoven's footsteps? Then come with us on a city walk that shows you Beethoven's Vienna. An audio walk which brings you to places that are closely connected with his biography. And there is much to discover: be guided to Heiligenstadt, where Beethoven regularly went to relax. Or through Vienna city center, where many of his works were first performed. Learn more about Beethoven's private crises and his difficult personality, as well as about his tendency towards pedantry in matters of food and drink. Learn about Beethoven as a person, his supporters and friends. And hear excerpts from his wonderful music, recorded by the Wiener Symphoniker, conducted by Philippe Jordan. Let's go!

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