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Vienna, Vienna, Austria
by WienTourismus

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[Stroll around the Ring]Where is probably the best place in the world for a long city walk? Vienna's Ringstrasse boulevard! The Ring, as the Viennese call it, is the most beautiful boulevard in the world. This magnificent road was built from the 1860s onwards and follows the loop of Vienna's city wall. The demolition of the fortification, which had become surplus to requirements, resulted in a huge amount of space around the historic center. The Ringstrasse architects were really able to let off steam here over a total distance of 5.3 kilometers. One thing is for sure: They didn't do anything by halves. The Ringstrasse is a panopticum of the most widely different building styles. A walk along the boulevard is a trip right through art history. Public monumental buildings and private palaces in the style of Historicism create as much splendor as Gothic and Baroque Revival and Renaissance-inspired buildings. But you will also find Vienna Modernism here, which broke with the pomp of the classical Ringstrasse architecture and speaks of the mood of optimism in Vienna around 1900. Come along on a stunning city walk that couldn't be more diverse.

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