Karlovy Vary

Carlsbad, Karlovarsk├Ż kraj, Czechia
Distance: 3 km (Map)

Karlovy Vary - Cya On The Road

Welcome to Karlovy Vary!Our Guide will accompany you on a tour of the historic centre of this European resort.Karlovy Vary is one of the most visited cities in the Czech Republic along with Prague. This city is situated in the Western Bohemia region of the Czech Republic, in the valley of the Tepla River. How can we explain such unabated interest? Rich history of more than 600 years? Unique healing effects of the treatment in this resort? Its architecture? Most likely, all of these combined.There are currently around 60 000 permanent residents in Karlovy Vary. This is one of the largest balneotherapy resorts, a city of a rich culture, a place of interest for music lovers and movie fans. The most prestigious film festival in Eastern Europe is held here annually from late June through early July. We begin our tour of the famous Karlovy Vary by visiting the Becherovka factory

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