Bergen in Edvard Grieg's footsteps

Bergen, Vestland, Norway; Paradis, Vestland, Norway
Est. 3.9km / 1 hr / Map

This tour will take you through the city of Bergen, and no matter if you have been here before or not, this tour will show you a different side of the place: The Bergen of Edvard Grieg. This beautiful little city was once home to one of the worlds’ most famous composers, so today we are going back over 150 years in time to find the places that played a significant role in the life of this musical genius. Grieg was born in 1843 here in Bergen and at the age of 6 he started playing the piano tutored by his mother, who was the best piano teacher in Bergen at the time. Thanks to a friend of the family, the world famous violinist Ole Bull, he was later sent to the Leipzig Conservatory at the age of 15 to study there, but of course he then came back to this enchanted place. If you look around at the dramatic nature scenery you can probably imagine how he came to write masterpieces about trolls and their majestic stone halls up in the mountains! During this tour we will see where he was baptized, where he got great inspiration for his different pieces, where he used to get on the train to go home to Troldhaug, where, up until this day, his home still stands, preserved as it once was. And of course lots of other interesting places that has to do with the composer.

Bergen in Edvard Grieg's footsteps - Cya On The Road

Photo Bryggen in Bergen (2) by G.Lanting is licensed under  CC BY 3.0

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