COPENHAGEN - Scandinavian Gem

København Ø, Capital, Denmark; København K, Capital, Denmark; København V, Capital, Denmark
Est. 12.5km / 4 hrs 10 mins / Map

COPENHAGEN -  Scandinavian Gem - Cya On The Road

There's a certain "joie de vivre" about all the Scandinavian capitals. It's probably because of the dark winters - but when summer comes the people of Oslo, Stockholm and certainly Copenhagen really enjoy the light evenings. Copenhagen being the most southerly of the three it's climate always seems that bit warmer - and its public buildings just a bit more exciting. Copenhagen also sits on the water. It's definitely one of the great and fun world cities... It's possible to follow all the points of this tour - except Carlsberg - on foot but some of the elements were recorded during a Hop-On, Hop-Off bus tour.

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