Copenhagen on a shoestring

København V, Capital, Denmark; København K, Capital, Denmark; København Ø, Capital, Denmark
Est. 14.8km / 4 hrs

Welcome to Copenhagen! This tour will take you through this hip, bohemian, cultural, historical and relaxed capital. To describe Copenhagen is like trying to define the sky; this city is a personal experience and depending on who you are you will find different things that attract you and that mean something special to you. One thing you can say about Copenhagen though is that it has a long and interesting history, due to its proximity to Sweden and Germany it is filled with conflicts and intrigues, but also inter-cultural adventures. The royal history of Denmark clearly has played a very important part, and still the Danes are generally fond of their Queen Margrethe II, who by the way is the cousin of the Swedish King!The geographical location of Denmark has not only put them on the hot spot politically in history, but has also shaped the traditions and the ways to make business. Danes are known for being skilled negotiators, as Denmarks’ lack of raw material has always made them buy materials from the neighbouring countries, say wood from Sweden or Finland, and then refine it and sell it further onto the European market. That has also made the Danes famous for fine art and furniture design, something we will for sure see examples of during this tour! So no matter what kind of person you are and whether you are in to amusement parks, history, modern art, underground culture, architecture, music, beer or Danish pastry, you will surely find the sides of Copenhagen that you love! Because nobody walks through this city untouched; if it is something Copenhagen has got; it is attitude and personality! But let´s stop talking and get going; we have a marvellous city to explore, and don’t forget we are in the capital of “hygge”, the Danish word for a good and cosy ambiance, so let´s go enjoy it!

Copenhagen on a shoestring - Cya On The Road

Photo Copenhagen Sept 2014 by Michael Button is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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