Asef Mansion: Kurd House

Iran, Iran
Est. --- / 20 mins / Map

Hidden behind a concave brick wall on the ever-bustling Emam Street, in the heart of Sanandaj, the capital of the province of Kurdistan, lays Kurd House. It is a unique, 4000-meter site that dates to the Safavid era and showcases fascinating exhibitions on Kurdish cultural heritage. Managed by the Kurdistan Province Handicrafts, Cultural Heritage and Tourism authority, Kurd House has grown to be a symbol of Kurdish identity and is much loved by the city.

Asef Mansion: Kurd House - Cya On The Road

Kurd House is open from 9am - 12noon, then 3pm - 6pm during the year, other than summer when the hours change to 8am - 12noon, then 4pm - 7:30pm. Not open on Fridays.

It is also known as Asef Vaziri House, Asef-e Divan Mansion, Emarate Asef-e Divan, Kurdish house, Khaney-e Kurd.

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