Luxembourg City during World War 1

Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Distance: 6 km

Luxembourg City during World War 1 - Cya On The Road

On August 2, 1914, German troops invaded Luxembourg, a neutral nation. From this point on, the Allies therefore considered the Duchy to be hostile occupied territory. Luxembourg was cut off, leading to a shortage of foodstuffs and other provisions. Political life continued, yet the critical supply situation sparked social and political unrest that found its expression on the streets of the capital. On account of its central location within the international railway network, the city was repeatedly targeted by Allied bombers.Our guided tour takes you to both familiar and lesser-known places that figured in the history of the capital during WW1. Students of history at the Institute for History of the University of Luxembourg share their knowledge with you, bringing to life the story of the city and its inhabitants during the period 1914 to 1918. In the course of your tour, you will be guided principally by postcards taken from both the archives of the Luxembourg National Library and private collections. Some pictures come from the holdings of Luxembourg City’s two museums. By linking to the website at the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History, you can broaden and deepen your knowledge still further. The MEDIAcentre of the University of Luxembourg has also assembled historical footage to produce a film clip.City guide created by: Marie-Paule Jungblut, at the Institute for the History ; historical adviser: Prof. Dr. Michel Pauly, Institute for the History.

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