UNESCO Tour for All

Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Est. 2.4km / 2 hrs 10 mins / Map

UNESCO for everyone can be comfortably and safely navigated by wheelchair and with a pram. In secure zones visually impaired people can also follow the path. Visitors can listen to descriptions on site with the accompanying audio.

UNESCO  Tour for All - Cya On The Road

Length and slope: The tour covers a total of 1950 m. It’s designed to be done in several stages. The ground is mostly level, and slopes are below 5.5 %, apart from the area between the Cité Judiciaire and the Citadelle du Saint-Esprit, where the slope is much higher. The distance between individual sites is no more than 200 m. 

Stops: The tour has 19 stops, each with its own number.

Tours in sign language can be booked in advance at the Luxembourg City Tourist Office.

The tour starts at Place de la Constitution and ends at Place Guillaume by the Luxembourg City Tourist Office.

There are public toilets below Place de la Constitution, on the ground floor of the lift to the Grund (wheelchair-accessible), below Place Guillaume (wheelchair-accessible), at Place du Théâtre (wheelchair-accessible) and in Rue du Curé near Place d’Armes (not wheelchair-accessible).

There are benches in the following places: Place de la Constitution, Place du Saint Esprit, Citadelle du Saint Esprit, green area by the cathedral, Place Clairefontaine, Place du Puits Rouge, Place du Théâtre, Place d’Armes, Place Guillaume II.

World heritage site “Luxembourg, its old quarters and fortifications” was declared UNESCO world heritage on 17 December 1994. Its unique landscape features hills and valleys, forests and cliffs, and the Alzette and the Pétrusse. The impressive historical fortifications, towers and ramparts are also part of the site, and the old quarters of the upper town and the Grund show what life was like in a historical fortress town. Together they form a landscape that UNESCO has deemed an outstanding example of natural and human history.

Text: © Commission luxembourgeoise pour la coopération avec l'UNESCO

Writing: Robert L. Philippart / Simone Beck / Katja Taylor

Photos: Robert L. Philippart / Lucien Koneczny; Vic Fischbach; Monique Schneider

Editor: Ministère de la Culture, Commission luxembourgeoise pour la coopération avec l’UNESCO, Service des Sites et Monuments Nationaux ; Ministère du Tourisme ; Ville de Luxembourg ; Luxembourg City Tourist Office ; Athénée de Luxembourg école UNESCO ; Adapth, Info-Handicap, Daaflux asbl ; Klaro-APEMH, Fondation Lëtzebuerger Blannevereenegung, Chiens-guides d’aveugles au Luxembourg, Centre pour le développement des compétences relatives à la vue ; Deutsche-Gebärden Sprachkurse ; Comité Alstad, Union des Syndicats d‘Intérêts locaux de la ville de Luxembourg, Syndicat d’Intérêts locaux de Pafendall-Sichenhaff


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