Tudor Museum

Rosport-Mompach, Luxembourg
Est. --- / 30 mins / Map

Tudor Museum - Cya On The Road

Welcome to the Musée Tudor.The name Henri Tudor is associated with the accumulator, and everything to do with it.This is as exciting as it is versatile. The museum is particularly characterised by its various interactive objects, which give a tangible impression of historical experiments on the subject of electricity and accumulators. Due to its hands-on philosophy, the exhibition is also well suited for families with children Discover the many secrets hidden behind various cupboards and drawers in the museum and let yourself be transported back to the time of the Tudor family by the rhythmic movements of the machines and the light of the paraffin lamps. Discover and experience the history of electricity in a variety of ways. Get active yourself and try out many exciting experiments!Learn interesting facts about the development and spread of electric light in Europe and how the city of Echternach became one of the first cities in the world to have an electric street lighting system. Learn more about the inventor Henri Owen Tudor and how he contributed to the spread of this now commonplace innovation. Eventually you may be more interested in another focus of the exhibition, the history of electric mobility.Whatever sparks your interest, feel invited to enter these spaces of knowledge and learning and explore and discover it in your own way and according to your interests!

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