Old Habana

Havana, Cuba
Distance: 8 km (Map)

Old Habana - Cya On The Road

RoboVoice only, sorry...The route consists of 54 objects, we laid a route on a ring and so that tourists could glance on the way to cafe or restaurant to drink coffee or cooling Daiquirí or the Mojito, or to have dinner or supper.Important. In Cuba the Internet not cheap therefore we recommend to download tour on the smartphone in advance (~ 77MB) and in the place to use an excursion offline (the map fragment is downloaded automatically).This tour is made for independent travelers who want to enjoy for a short time the capital of the Island of Freedom, to see the main sights, to touch history and to fall in love with the beautiful lady by the name of Havana.But, if you decided to use services of local guides, you can use our audioguide as the additional guide. Anyway, we sincerely wish you to enjoy the beautiful city, remarkable people and that you had only good memories of rest!After this excursion Havana, Avto-Taxi tour " is recommended to drive by a car/taxi with the audioguide ", autotour included a set of objects which are very desirable for visit, but weren't included in pedestrian tour as are on considerable removal from the Capitol and, and to overload the traveler with excessive physical activity not in our interests.The route is made for tourists who appreciate the time and are ready to come to an excursion early, but not when local guides wake up and "scorching heat" begins. And by the way, to interrupt tour to wait a blaze of the sun it is possible at any time, or in hotel, or at restaurant (we provided them on a route about 10 "on a different purse").We hurry to calm you, all time will be near the Capitol from the maximum removal on which straight line about a one kilometer.At any time it is possible to interrupt tour and to continue it a bit later or to transfer the next day.We will tell you about the main sights, such as, the Capitol, Malecón Embankment, factory of cigars, the Museum of rum, the Commercial exchange, the historic square and Basilicas, Orthodox church and many other things...The decision on that to come in the museum, theater, the Capitol or church, the tourist accepts independently. It is timed in such a way that bypassing Old Havana a walking step by step and being photographed at key monuments the tourist will spend time declared by the audioguide. Time of stops in bars, restaurants, a sit-round gathering on shops when calculating duration of tour wasn't consideredDon't forget to estimate our tours - to us important to know your opinion!Enjoy a good rest!Capitannevrungel © and his team invite sponsors. We want to make a professional recording of history for our tours. But if you want to say simply thank you, we are also grateful.If you want to localize an excursion for your language - send the adapted text to the address and it is desirable *.mp3 audio  for each history.If you have found inaccuracies, please write

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