RenEU - Renaissance route in Malopolska

Cracow, Woj. Małopolskie, Poland; Zielonki, Woj. Małopolskie, Poland; Wielka Wieś, Woj. Małopolskie, Poland; Sułoszowa, Woj. Małopolskie, Poland; Książ Wielki, Woj. Małopolskie, Poland; Miechów, Woj. Małopolskie, Poland; Bodzentyn, Woj. Świętokrzyskie, Poland; Sucha Beskidzka, Woj. Małopolskie, Poland; Niepołomice, Woj. Małopolskie, Poland; Tarnów, Woj. Małopolskie, Poland; Bobowa, Woj. Małopolskie, Poland; Gorlice (Gmina), Woj. Małopolskie, Poland
Est. 677.9km / 15 hrs 4 mins

RenEU - Renaissance route in Malopolska - Cya On The Road

The itinerary of the Renaissance Route in Małopolska, created by the Villa Decius Association in partnership with the Małopolska Region, presents the cultural heritage and history of the European Renaissance in Poland. Shown in this unique context, the chosen sites demonstrate the potential of the city of Kraków and its role in the development of European regions. The proposed route illustrates the spread of the new style in architecture and the influence of a strong centre on the peripheral areas of the kingdom. Poland has been a tolerant country, which is especially true of the Kraków metropolis. To present the material and immaterial heritage of the Renaissance, the itinerary is based on the life and activity of Iustus Ludovicius Decius, Secretary to the Polish King Sigismund I, who arrived in Kraków from Wissembourg (in his time, in Germany) and soon became one of the most influential people in the city. The stately home he built for himself served as a venue for meetings where ideas were exchanged in philosophical debates. Thanks to its genius loci and the spirit of humanitas, the place has retained memories of the heyday of culture and understanding between nations and continues to foster the ideas of the Renaissance in the United Europe.

by Museo Galileo - Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza
Il Museo Galileo - Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza, attivo dal 1930, conserva strumenti scientifici fra cui quelli usati da Galileo

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