Urbirun Krakow - Highlights

Cracow, Woj. Małopolskie, Poland
Est. 9.2km / 55 mins / Map

Urbirun Krakow - Highlights - Cya On The Road

Distance: 9.2km/5.72mi (*10.8km, 6.7mi / *14.2km, 8.7mi)Elevation: very lowRotation: counterclockwiseParks/Pedestrian: 4km (ca 44%)Urban constraints : lowSuggested start: Rydnek Glowny /As any urbirun route, you can start wherever you want. Watch for the route rotation direction.Discover the charms of the Poland's former capitol, bathed by the Vistula and its the welcoming banks. Surrounding Europe's largest medieval square, numerous churches, palaces, museums of all styles and periods, tell the millennial history of Krakow. At the foot of Wawel Hill lies the former Jewish district of Kazimierz, now modern and trendy. Beyond the Vistula is the neighborhood where the ghetto was built. These two areas root the city in recent history. Spared from destruction in its history, unlike many other Polish cities, the heart capital of the Polish is a little jewel in Central Europe.*2 alternative routes available : 10.8km including Podgorze district, or 14km adding a quiet run along the river. Simply listen to directions while running, you'll have choices.

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