Snagov Museum Collection

Snagov, Romania
Est. --- / 18 mins

Snagov Museum Collection - Cya On The Road

What are Snagov Museum Collections?A part of the Museum of local history in Snagov Area.What do these collections contain?There are collections (grouped on themes) of images (old cards, postcards, photos, stamps, maps) together with books and articles (related to Snagov Area, events, persons – in connection with these places), enriched with different objects (many with specific histories) – that try to render something from the history of this area.These « objects » collections are grouped (regularly) chronologically in A4 papers that have a title (theme) and a relevant “story” (that you can guess or – if requested – listen to). Because the existence of a “story” for each A4 page is a request of qualification at the international exhibitions (contests) (OPEN class in FIP). And a part of the collections exhibited take part in such contests. Snagov Foundation (Commission D) has registered since 2009 at the Ministry of Culture (section Heritage – Decision no. 3229/ Heritage/26.01.2010 - Direction of Museums, Collections and Visual Arts, National Committee of Museums and Collections) a set of thematic collections specific to Snagov Area, forming “The Museum of local history in Snagov Area” trying to render and save a part of the (oral) culture, traditions, customs, objects, etc. – belonging to the local people (before globalisation). Among the objectives, Snagov Museum (along with its collections) – provides: 1) a “place” of “deposit” + “exhibition” (for those interested) – for different information, objects, traditions, customs – all of them, dimensions related to the history/specific of Snagov Area2) a new attraction point (tourist destination) – at Snagov Foundation– relevant to Snagov Area, Muntenia and even Romania (at least through two collections – unique at international level)3) a place where you can experience some traditional activities related to: fishing, pottery, basketry, textiles4) a place where you can see species of fauna and flora specific to the area (a pond and a set of pipes and tanks)5) a place where it is exemplified (presents) ideas – solutions – environmental technologies both simple and modern (future) – in the hope that visitors will experience a change after having seen and after taking part in such experiencesSnagov Foundation:1) has decorated (renovated) a traditional old adobe house (that means with walls of clay deposited on the matting of reeds fixed to acacia branches) and containing three rooms ( with a total area of about 70 square meters)2) has built a small house that they covered with reeds and which was called "The house of Reeds" (as it is now almost the only one in the entire area) and has arranged it as an information centre / tourist logistics. The thatched roof – makes us think of the period until 60 years ago, when over 70% of the houses in the area were covered with reeds and had adobe walls3) has set up a sustainable ecosystem pond where there are over 50 species of fauna and flora from the area of the Lake Snagov4) has built a fence – as an exhibition space5) has provided a tent (72sqm) - as a space for public presentations and to conduct information, educational, testing and practical activities. Useful links:a) the general brochure (48 pages): b) in Snagov Foundation website:

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