The History of Pharmacy Collection

Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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The History of Pharmacy Collection - Cya On The Road

The collection presents the history of Transylvanian pharmacy in the location of the best known apothecary shop in Cluj. The museum, opened in 1954, reconstructs the atmosphere and the room structure of the old pharmacies: you are invited to descend into the lab to discover how drugs were actually prepared, to the Officina, the most decorated room where medicine was sold and to the Materials’ Room where the ingredients were stored. You can see the famous Mummy Powder, sold for its weight in gold as a universal drug, but also bizarre ingredients of animal origin. You can also admire hand-painted bottles in which the Elixir of Love was once sold and you can find out the recipe for eternal love! The museum is opened every day of the week from 10 AM to 4 PM, except for Thursday, when we open at noon and close a 6 PM. If you’d rather visit us during the weekend, you can do so on the last Saturday of each month – still from 10 AM to 4 PM (and the subsequent Monday the museum is closed).Full-price ticket – 6 lei, half price for students and seniors – 3 lei, photo tax – 25 lei.

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