Ocnele Mari Salt Mine

Ocnele Mari, Romania
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Ocnele Mari Salt Mine - Cya On The Road

"Medicine treats, but the nature heals" - HippocratesEntering Ocnele Mari Salt Mine may be a simple touristic curiosity but if you suffer from asthma or chronic bronchitis this could be the fix to alleviate some of your health problems. In the salty womb of the Earth, with several hundred meters of mineral lying above you, there is a unique world of lights, colors and strange forms, inviting you into a special atmosphere, heaped with the taste and the scents of the salt.The main reasons why people who want to be in good health choose to visit Ocnele Mari Salt Mine are constant temperature, fresh air and dry salt aerosol inhalations. Actually, this is exactly how physicians refer to the salt mine, as a way of being in good health and not as a substitute of a medical treatment of a disease. The temperature in the salt mine is the same all over the year, regardless of the season, namely 15 °C and a relative humidity between 60% and 70%.You are welcome to discover the magic of the underground world, highlighted by the Branch Mining Rm. Valcea team. “GOOD LUCK!”

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